Traditional Building Event for Doors Open Day in Glasgow

The Glasgow Traditional Building Forum held its second Traditional Building Event for Doors Open Day at The Lighthouse, Glasgow.





The event was extremely well received with lots to do for the whole family.


Stonemasonry carving skills demonstration with limestone was delivered by Historic Environment Scotland with several of those visiting having a go and finding out exactly why it is a four year apprenticeship.


IMG_3403    IMG_3393



There was also a roof slating demonstration delivered by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors with members of the public finding out how to dress and fit a slate on a traditional building. I don’t think anyone who attended thought they would be doing that when they woke up on Sunday morning but several went off to find their friends and came back for them to have a go.


IMG_3379       IMG_3381


Meredith MacBeth once again gave a mini-masterclass on the making of stain glass windows which was busy throughout the day with many children very proud of their efforts and were allowed to take these home as a memory of the day. Anyone interested in finding out more about stained glass windows would be welcome to attend a day class which Meredith is presenting at the office of Glasgow City Heritage Trust on 1 December (for full details contact Thom Simmons at Glasgow City Heritage Trust – T: 0141 552 1331).




Everyone got the chance to see the Architecture and Design Scotland Sustainable Materials Library and samples of various different, and innovative, ways of insulating your home plus activities for the rest of the family to enjoy.





Thom Simmons from Glasgow City Heritage Trust and Secretary of the Glasgow Traditional Building Forum said “We organise these events to raise the profile of traditional building skills and materials to everyone and it was very encouraging to see so many children engaging with the skills and materials required to repair and maintain Glasgow’s traditional buildings for future generations to enjoy.”





John McKinney

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