Details, and Free Tickets, of 6th Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival Announced

Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival 2018


14 – 17 August 2018


Edinburgh World Heritage Trust (EWHT) and Architecture & Design Scotland (A&DS), Bakehouse Close, Edinburgh


All presenters have kindly donated their time to deliver these free demonstration and talks to “Celebrate Edinburgh’s Traditional Buildings”.


We are also extremely grateful to EWHT and A&DS for donating the venues for the Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival.


We were also generously given sponsorship from Construction Industry Training Board and the Scottish Government.


All those involved in the organisation and deliver of this event have also kindly donated their time.


Without these kind donations and sponsorship this year’s Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival would simply not have happened.


14 August


10.30am – Traditional Roof Slating Demonstration – Scotland’s buildings have slate roofs and Scott Miller of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors gives an informative demonstration the skills and materials required to repair and maintain these roofs effectively.


12 noon – Lead Roofing Demonstration – Lead Roofing Demonstration – Steve McLennan of the National Federation Roofing Contractors provides an enjoyable demonstration of the expertise required for creating and repairing lead roofing details, it’s vital these details are done correctly.


1.30pm – Blacksmith Talk – Heavy Metal comes to the traditional building festival. Ali Davey from Historic Environment Scotland will give a talk on the important role of blacksmiths in the development of Edinburgh


15 August


10.30am – Lime Render Demonstration – Lime mortars demonstration, Roz Artis of the Scottish Lime Centre Trust and Stone Federation GB, demonstrate lime slaking, part of the alchemy of the lime cycle. These processes have provided building mortars and more for millennia.


12 noon – Decorative Plaster Demonstration – John Grandison and Will Napier will demonstrate the techniques and skills to repair traditional decorative plasterwork.


1.30pm – Building Geology Walking Tour (please note – meeting at the steps of Calton Hill) – Calton Hill Geology and Building Stones Walk: Emily Tracey of the British Geological Survey delivers a rewarding walking talk on Edinburgh’s geology, providing information on the bedrock of our built environment.


16 August


10.30am – Stone Demonstration – Stonemasonry skills demonstration –Scotland’s traditional buildings use similar skills and materials in their repair and maintenance as when they were build. Stewart Inkster and Marcus Paine of Stone Federation GB give a demonstration of stonemasonry.


12 noon – Innovation in the Traditional Building Sector – Scott McGibbon will give a talk and demonstration of Balancing Superhero Technology with Tradition; An Exclusive Sneak Peek Into 21st Century Historic Building Repair and maintenance.


1.30pm – Builders of Edinburgh’s New Town – Dr Anthony Lewis of GlasgowLife/Glasgow Museums will give a talk – Capricious? The work and status of the builders of Edinburgh’s first New Town.


17 August


10.30am – Painting & Decorating Demonstration – Marbling and graining techniques, signwriting skills – Mark Nevin, Nevin of Edinburgh demonstrates remarkable painting techniques used on traditional buildings.


1.30pm – Why Build Tenements in Scotland and Did it Matter? – This presentation will focus on the dominant housing form in nineteenth century Scotland. The law and landownership are crucial elements in the explanation of tenement construction which has had long run social, spatial and behavioural implications for Scots.

Dr Richard Rodger is author of a prize winning paperback: The Transformation of Edinburgh: Land, Property and Trust in in the Nineteenth Century (Cambridge University Press)

John McKinney

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