Continuous Professional Development Courses

Through the Scottish Traditional Building Forum there are a number of CPDs which can be delivered free of charge to your organisation or practice.


The CPDs can be delivered in your premises and will be delivered by industry practitioners on behalf of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors or Stone Federation Great Britain. These have proved very popular and have been delivered to Architecture & Design Scotland, Historic Environment Scotland, RICS, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow City Heritage Trust, Edinburgh World Heritage Trust and others.


If you are interested in any of the following topics (or others) then please contact myself through the Contact section of this website.


List of CPDs currently offered by Scottish Traditional Building Forum



Flat Roofing CPD


Topics covered in the CPD include:


  • Carbon Capturing Flat Roofing Materials
  • Safe use of heat and alternatives to heat
  • The high quality of membranes gave birth to the title Reinforced Bitumen Membranes in place of the term “felts “
  • Guarantees – who is guaranteeing what
  • NFRC Householders Guide to Flat Roofing


CPD on Traditional Roof Slating


CPD touches on many topics relevant to the maintenance and upgrade of tradition Scottish slate roofs.


Topics covered in the CPD include:

  • Scottish Slate
  • Properties of – colour, size (random, thickness)
  • Supplies of Scotch Slate
  • Alternative Slates available
  • When to re-slate and when to repair
  • When to redress and reuse slate introducing minimum new slates
  • When to totally strip and re-slate
  • When re-roofing gives you an opportunity to retrofit insulation to roof voids
  • Comparisons of finished roofs with different slates (especially those on terraced/tenement properties where the new slate abuts a roof with Scotch Slate, good and bad examples)


Roof Leadwork


CPD looks at how to design lead into repair and restoration of traditional buildings -Highlighting on best practice for the laying of lead and examples of what happens when it is done wrongly.


Topic covered in the CPD include:

  • Platforms – covers flat areas
  • Watergates – joining stone and slate
  • Weatherings – to cornices and parapet walls
  • Cladding – wall, dormers
  • Gutters – centre valley, tapered, box
  • Flashings- abutments,
  • Aprons – bottom of windows, slopes etc


Selecting the Correct Stone


Topics covered include:

  • The importance of stone matching
  • The important elements to consider when matching stone
  • Implications of not matching stone


Stone Cladding


The whole process of cladding with stone.


CE Marking of Stone


Topics covered include:

  • What is CE marking of stone
  • How stone is CE marked
  • Instances where CE marking is not required


Stone Repair and Restoration


This CPD session will cover the repair and restoration of stone in Scottish traditional buildings. The session will look at masonry failures and the best solutions for them.


Topics covered include:

  •        Stone matching
  •        Detailing
  •        Common causes of damage
  • Different techniques for repair


John McKinney

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